la vie organique en Provence

la vie organique en Provence

Our personal definition of organic : living consciously in beautiful surroundings and making lifestyle choices which are feasible, realistic and most of all enjoyable, and whilst constantly evolving, not losing sight of what is important to one self.

It is such that we decided to create a space here in Provence for ourselves, which we can call home, in every sense of the word. This is what we call the holistic approach: bringing together mind, body and spirit.

Our ideas and inspirations came and continue to come from the different countries we have lived in, the similar cultures we come from, the various cultures which we have absorbed over time, be it through traveling or living in them, the many people we have met and have inspired us, the man-made conflicts we are exposed to, and the creativity within ourselves. 

La Vudèle

We found this place in Quinson, a small village near the lac Ste. Croix and the famous Gorge du Verdon. Surrounded by lavender fields, vineyards and wheat fields, under the bright blue sky of Provence, outside the village of Quinson yet within easy distance to various Provençal villages, like Riez, Moustiers Sainte Mairie, Allemagne-en-Provence and Manosque.

La Vudèle is an old farm where the sheep used to eat and sleep in what is now the cozy kitchen, with living quarters above the barn, then and now; a beekeeper also called La Vudèle his home, having converted the old garage into his apiary, mielierie. In our boutique we sell the C'etrange range of all-natural cosmetics and our own small production of all-natural olive oil, hand picked in December; we also provide holiday lodging in our B&B and gite.


Bienvenue à La Vudèle,

our place of organic living
in Provence

Jim & Claudia
Mimie & Mia